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Hydro Jet Drain Cleaning Cost

Oct 25, 2022 | Hydro Jetting

While hydro jetting your drain pipes has been proved an efficient method of  cleaning the drains, the question of how much it costs is one of the topics that keep coming up. However, the price of hydro jet cleaning depends on a variety of things that you will learn about in this article. Because of its slight increase in cost as compared to traditional alternatives, hydro jetting is generally considered a last resort before other means of cleaning your drain pipes. Even though you need to spend money initially, hydro jetting will save you money in the long run because it saves time as compared to using other methods such as snakes or rooters that require multiple cleanings.

Hydro Jet Drain Cleaning

Hydro jet drain cleaning is a method used to clean out clogged drains. A hydro jet uses pressurized water and sends it through the pipe system, cleaning out the buildup. It’s a very effective way to get rid of pipes that have become clogged due to waste or hard-water buildup.

A thorough assessment of your system by an expert plumber to look for damage is the first step of the service. The plumber will then attach the jetting hose to your home’s sewage or septic plumbing and apply the proper amount of water pressure to your pipes if it appears that they can handle it. You may modify this pressure level to pressurize the water up to 35,000 psi depending on the health of your system. To properly flush the buildup out of your house, the water will scrape the debris off the walls of your pipes, eliminating them. Gravity will then carry the waste down. As a result, the procedure is excellent for clearing blockages as well as maintaining the general health of your pipes.

Because of the specific equipment required and the level of care that must be taken throughout the service, it is always advised to have hydro jetting performed by a professional. If this job is done poorly, your pipes risk suffering significant damage.

Cost of Hydro Jet Drain Cleaning

Hydro jetting blocked sewage or drain pipes typically costs between $350 and $600. Hydro jetting might cost $1,000 or more if the issue is serious. This costs more than snaking your sewage line, but the effects from hydro jetting will stay far longer since it eliminates buildups inside your pipe rather than just poking a hole through a clog. [2]

Factors Affecting the Cost Of Hydro Jet Drain Cleaning

There are some factors that affect the cost of hydro jetting your drains, here are some of them:

Your Pipe System

The first factor that affects hydro jet drain cleaning cost is the length and diameter of your pipe system. For longer pipes, more time will be needed for the job and hence higher costs. Also, larger diameter pipes will require more cleaning solutions and may need to be scrubbed multiple times. [1]

Type of Blockage

A second factor that affects hydro jet pricing is the type of blockage you are trying to remove. If you have a stubborn clog such as grease or tree roots, hydro jetting may be needed several times until it is completely removed. Additionally, complex blockages may require additional tools such as augers or high-pressure water jetting to break them down. 

Service Provider

Finally, the type of service you choose will also affect your hydro jet drain cleaning costs. Some companies do not include equipment rental in their prices while others charge a flat rate per job no matter how long it takes. Make sure to ask what is included in your hydro jet pricing so you can get the best value for your money. 

If you are looking for a reliable and affordable hydro jet drain cleaning service, be sure to do your research and compare prices from different companies before making a final decision. With the right company, you can rest assured that your drains will be clean, clear, and free of any clogs or blockages. 

Hydro Jetting and Descaling Your Pipes

This approach will be used by most plumbers to unclog a severely blocked pipe. To clear any obstruction, they will first fire a jet of very pressured water that has a force of at least 3,500 pounds per square inch.

The plumber will next join the hydro-jet to a descaling nozzle, which will force pressured water through the nozzle. A chain, resembling that of a chainsaw, is connected to the descaling nozzle. The chain is rotated while pressure water passes through the nozzle and washes the pipe’s surface of rust and mineral accumulation. The descaling nozzle simultaneously scrapes the pipe and clears it of debris.

Pipe Descaling

The phrase “pipe scaling” describes the accumulation of minerals and rust from the inside of pipes. Calcium carbonate and magnesium are a couple of the minerals that accumulate most often. Slight scaling on metal pipes may be advantageous to stop corrosion. The quantity of water that can flow through your pipes will be reduced if you let the scaling accumulate, protecting your plumbing system from significant harm.

Pipe descaling is the procedure used to clean the inside surfaces of water, drainage, and sewer pipes of accumulated minerals and rust. Smaller roots that have gotten within the pipes are removed. In areas with abundant calcium or magnesium carbonates in the water supply, it is a crucial and required plumbing technique.

How much does it cost to get pipes descaled?

The cost of descaling pipes for households might exceed $100. Extreme circumstances including extensive excavating and replacement will cost thousands. After a dig, unexpected situations might occasionally arise. Even the most advanced cameras can’t capture every aspect of the interior pipe, let alone the outer pipes. As a result, as the project develops, a pipe lining firm could need to offer more options. However, a trustworthy service provider will let you know about this circumstance in advance, particularly if the camera examination indicates that your pipe has a lot of odd damage.

How often should you jet your pipes?

Booking a hydro jetting treatment at least once a year is often advised. It can lessen plumbing issues when used as a preventive maintenance strategy. You run the danger of causing further problems like leaks, backups, and corrosion if you don’t deal with obstructions as soon as they arise. When you experience reoccurring plumbing problems like clogs, hydro jetting is also ideal. It’s possible that old or worn-out pipes are to blame for persistent plumbing problems. Sewers or drains that move slowly and regularly backup should be observed.

It is advised to call a plumbing crew if you see any indications of leaks or blockages in your plumbing system. With time, those problems can deteriorate to the point where costly repairs or replacements are required.


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