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In-line Video Inspection

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make accurate decisions on drainage issues.

The in line sewer video inspection system is a valuable tool that plumbing professionals use to make accurate decisions on drainage issues. The use of a sewer camera and transmitter system is used to identify problems while accurately getting the pipe location, which takes the guesswork away.

The sewer camera is very useful in determining what is causing a backup. Sometimes a blocked sewer line will clear with the camera pushing gently into a soft clog. A camera inspection of the sewer line should always be done if there is a clog and the risk of water damage to valuables becomes an issue: sewage contamination exposure, or concern about what the condition of the sewer pipe is. If there is grease, roots, or other foreign objects in the line that need to be removed; the camera is a great way to verify the job was done right.

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congested areas can be very costly to fix

A line full of grease or roots may not fully clear in the first pass when hydro jetting, even with the best jetting equipment. All you need for a major back up is a one-foot section of pipe left partially clogged. A camera inspection is usually a small additional cost as part of any drain service provided by our Company to help ensure you receive everything you paid for. All home sales should have a video inspection to determine the condition of the sewer line. Deep drain issues in congested areas can be very costly to fix. A simple camera inspection can reveal such a defect before purchasing a property.

Restaurant owners should always get a video of the sewer line clear and free of grease from beginning to end when receiving a maintenance service.

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owns 6 camera systems in 3 different sizes

Larger buildings that do annual maintenance, but do not typically experience grease, should run the camera first to determine if there is any debris. If there is, then hydro jetting the sewer line to remove the debris, and camera the line again to verify there is nothing left. This leaves less wear and tear on the pipe and gets you a better job for less money.

All defects should be line located and noted for review in consideration of any necessary repairs. O’Grady Plumbing owns 6 camera systems in 3 different sizes complete with line locators for any size drain pipe inspection. We have a sewer service and repair department devoted to doing good work and providing smart answers.

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