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Union Square, San Francisco

Brief History

Union Square in San Francisco is a bustling hub of activity, bathed in the iconic foggy weather that often cloaks the city. Located at the intersection of Geary, Powell, Post and Stockton Streets, Union Square has been a fixture of downtown San Francisco since 1847.
Union Square is home to an array of prominent stores such as Saks Fifth Avenue and Macy’s, as well as countless small independent retailers. It is also full of upscale restaurants and cafes for both locals and tourists alike to enjoy. During the holidays especially, Union Square glows with festive lights and decorations that bring joy to all who visit during this special time of year.

The park itself was originally designed by famous landscape architect John McLaren in 1875. While it has seen many changes over the years, its original design still remains intact. The granite stairs, circular walkways, and central fountain are all hallmarks of the park’s storied history.


Union Square is more than just an iconic shopping center and picturesque park — it’s also a thriving cultural center for locals and tourists alike to come together in celebration of art, music, sports and events. With its unique combination of retail stores, restaurants, parks and cultural attractions — Union Square offers something special that appeals to visitors from all walks of life. For these reasons and more, Union Square remains one of San Francisco’s most beloved destinations.

In addition to being a destination for shopping lovers or those looking for a bite to eat, Union Square is also home to art galleries, museums, and cultural events. The de Young Museum and the San Francisco Ballet are just two examples of institutions that draw visitors to this vibrant area year-round. From fashion shows and live music performances to film festivals and dance competitions — Union Square provides an eclectic mix of entertainment options for people of all ages.

In short, Union Square is one of San Francisco’s most beloved neighborhoods. Here you can find something for everyone whether it’s shopping, dining or soaking in the city’s unique culture. No matter what brings you here, you’ll be sure to leave with lasting memories that will stay with you forever!

Union Square near San Francisco Bay is truly an unforgettable destination, and has something to offer visitors of all ages. Whether you’re looking for a unique shopping experience, a delicious meal, or just an afternoon of leisurely strolling through the park — Union Square will not disappoint! So come by and explore this iconic corner of San Francisco. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed!


From its rich history to its vibrant present-day culture, there’s no doubt that Union Square is one of the most popular destinations in San Francisco. Come get lost in its historic streets, enjoy amazing food and drinks, browse the shops or take part in some of the cultural events that are sure to leave a lasting impression. Whatever it is that brings you to Union Square, you’re sure to have an unforgettable experience! So come and explore the wonders of Union Square — San Francisco’s premier destination for shopping, dining, culture and entertainment. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

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