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Do you have drainage or sewage issues? Does your water not drain properly? Do you battle with clogged sink, tub, or toilets? Is your water heater broken or leaking? Worry less! Around the clock plumbing experts in San Francisco can fix your problems. Worried about liabilities? Our plumbers are all licenced and insured, as such your problem is taken care of. Our services is available 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week. A reliable plumber is a great asset during emergency periods, and we know how important this is to our clients. We are here for you.

Service With a Reliable Human Touch – We Are Not Just A Business in SF

We handle all client needs with a human touch that is paramount for properly solving any plumbing need. This is why we are not just a business. We desire to leave an imprint on you by giving you an amazing experience after the job. This can be seen in how we attend to all jobs in SF, no matter the size or nature.

We have the best, highly trained, and most experienced plumbers. We boast of years of experience sorting out all manner of plumbing issues. To a large extent, we can say we have seen it all and know how best to go about the plumbing issue bothering you. 

You can count on us! Read more about O’Grady Plumbing here.

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Our plumbing company offers customers a full service. By this we mean that any and every plumbing needs of a client, we can handle. This goes from fixing leaky faucets, to unclogging a drain, to fixing a pipe that is broken, etc. We attend to all plumbing needs.

Should you desire a plumbing company in San Francisco, we are here for you. We are San Francisco’s leading plumbing company, and we are always available to help with your plumbing needs at all times. Consultation is free and you can call us today to schedule one.

Whether residential or commercial, we are sure to handle all your plumbing needs.

Residential Plumbing Services – Across San Francisco, CA

In your entire San Francisco property, the plumbing aspect of your home is a very paramount system. The plumbing system of your house is responsible for bringing in clean water and taking dirty water out. Where there is a problem with the problem, this is a source of ache to many homeowners. This is the major reason why to fix any of your plumbing needs and be rest assured that diligent service will be done, you can call us at any time. We are here to help.

Unclogging of Drains and Cleaning Service — Replacement of Sewer Lines

To unclog drains and resolve sewer problems, a high degree of skill is required or else potential risk of increased plumbing misfortune will occur. We have licensed professionals who have both the experience and training to handle any and all repair and replacement jobs, big or small.

We take note of the age of your sewer lines, the kind of damage done to it, and how best the line can be replaced or repaired, without causing much disruption in the home. We follow a structured and proven process, as safe, seamless, and reliable execution of a client’s job is not a work of chance, but of skill.

 Being San Francisco’s best at plumbing, we use the latest gadget and equipment to handle client’s needs. As such, where drain lines are needed to be evaluated and assessed via an in-line video inspection equipment, it is necessary to state that we will ensure that our client gets the best data possible necessary for making precise decisions on the important course of action to be taken without damages to your property in the process.

Hydrojet Drain Cleaning

Our latest and most effective way of cleaning the drain line pipe is through the hydrojet draining cleaning services. This process uses high pressure water to physically break blockages and flush out debris from any operation. This is commonly used for the purpose of cleaning out any residue of grease and sludge. These issues are issues  commonly witnessed in commercial kitchens. When doing sewer line cleaning, our hydro jet cleaning service will uproot tree roots and other stubborn obstructions, to make the process easier.

Sewer Line Restoration & Replacement

In San Francisco, we offer a trenchless sewer replacement service that is not exorbitant and utilizes a less disruptive methodology to repair or replace the damaged sewer lines. We use top-notch equipment to replace damaged sewer lines, as such there is no need for yard digging or disrupting the yard’s landscape. This trenchless sewer line restoration and replacement option is majorly a choice that should be exercised for homeowners with abundant extensive landscaping or other qualities that could be destroyed through the usage of traditional excavation methods.

If you have a plumbing problem in San Francisco, please call us at (415) 985-0155.  We are always available 24/7 to aid you with all your plumbing needs!

Water Heaters

A damaged hot water heater indicates that homeowners would suffer through cold showers and still have a high water bill. Please do well to call us to repair your water heater, as this will help you save money. Should your water heater be above 10 years, finding an energy efficient, cost saving replacement should be a top priority and we can help you achieve this.

If you desire to make the right decisions, our plumbing experts can help you with that. Do well to contact us today. We are close to you and we assure you of a quick and efficient service.

General Plumbing Repairs and Replacements

At O’Grady’s, we can assure you that we can deal with all leaky faucets, replace all damaged toilets and sinks, and install dishwashers and washing machines, within your home. Do well to contact us to take care of your grease problems, problems preventing your backflow, sump pumps and sewer ejectors,  repair and replacement of your main water system, and any issue that bothers you. As we stated, consultation is free, and getting a great service starts from there.

Commercial Plumbing Services

What differentiates us from the many plumbing companies in San Francisco? Save our human touch while in the course of duty, we offer dedicated customer service. We know that plumbing issues come at a great cost and we strive to work both quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively, to give you that satisfaction you crave.

Some of our commercial services include:

We have an existing contract with many commercial establishments in the world. These establishments ranges from restaurants and office buildings, to many more. We understand the challenges that come with the business of plumbing and are ready to service you.

Among our partnerships are property management companies, as we ensure that their properties are up to date, well-maintained and up to code.

Do you desire a reliable and efficient plumbing company in San Francisco? Do you want professionals that you can count on? Do give us a call. We are more than enthusiastic to attend to your needs and offer a free estimate.  With a highly professional team of plumbing specialists, we can boast that we ate capable of offering the best possible service needed.

Sewers & Drains

O’Grady Plumbing is proud of its sewer service and replacement department, which offers the biggest and most efficient level of service in drainage cleaning and sewer replacement.

In-line Video Inspection

The in line sewer video inspection system is a very important tool that plumbing experts utilize to make precise decisions on drainage problems. The sewer camera is very important.

Hydrojet / Root Removal

The hydro-jet cleaning technique is a method of cleaning and removing stagnations from a sewer line using high pressure water. This method can best be equated with power washing.

Trenchless Sewer Replacement

This non-invasive technique involves the digging of holes on either end of the sewer, and the pulling machine/frame is mounted through one of the holes while the pipe passes through the other end of the hole, right through to the pulling hole.

Sewage Ejectors (Grinder Pumps)

Grinder pumps can also be called sewage ejectors. Wastewater that is below the main sewer line, tends to lose the ability to flow on gravity at a given drop per foot, and as such must be pumped up until the required flow on gravity is achieved.

Preventative Maintenance

Nothing beats a good preventative maintenance plan that is put in place for any home or business owner to  prevent plumbing emergencies and the heavy cost of cleaning up and repairing damages.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hydro Jetting better than snaking?

Yes, hydro jetting beats snaking. Hydro jetting involves a very thorough process of cleaning your pipes. Snaking only clears any debris clogging at the immediate area of the pipe, while hydro jetting clears the entire pipe. Also, damage is less likely to occur with hydro jetting than with snaking.

Is a blocked drain classed as an emergency?

This is most definitely an emergency. At O’Grady we will class a blocked drain that tends to cause minor issues such as slow drainage, as a priority. Do well to contact us where emergency plumbing needs present itself.

Is sewer jetting worth it?

Yes, it is completely worth it. This is a more thorough and precise way to clean your pipes better than snaking which tends to damage your pipes. Sewer jetting is also not really expensive, as such homeowners can keep their pipes clean and unclogged for a reasonable price. Maintaining your sewer is very important because if left unattended, little blockages can cause big problems such as sewage leakage, overflows, and even backups.
Should you have a clogged sewer line or any plumbing issues, do call us, our team of experienced plumbers are always available 24/7 to sort out your plumbing needs.

How much does a plumber charge per hour in San Francisco Bay Area?

Plumbers in San Francisco charge an hourly rate, but it varies depending on the experience of the plumber and the type of job. This article has appraised all the factors that tend to affect the cost of plumbing services. Don’t hesitate to call us today for free consultations and job cost estimates.

How long does it take to hydrojet a line?

The size of the line and amount of blockage determines the time it takes to Hydro-jet the line. For a typical home, hydro jetting a sewer line doesn’t take our experienced plumbers more than an hour.

How long does it take for an emergency plumber to come out?

Quick response to plumbing emergencies is very important and we are well aware of this. Our plumbers are local residents with years of experience in the plumbing industry. It is therefore very relatively easy for us to dispatch a plumber to attend to your needs as soon as possible. The severity of the problem and the distance from our location determines the type of equipment and material needed for the plumbing, and this will affect the overall arrival time of our plumbers.

What is the most common problem with water heaters?

Leaks are the most common problems water heaters can have. This is usually caused by the accumulation of sediment in the tank, which could also affect the tank overtime, by making it burst, crack, or rupture. Should you notice a leak, such as the water around the base of your heater pooling up, call us as soon as possible, because we have a professional plumber on standby to have the problem fixed.

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