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How Regular Sewer Maintenance Can Benefit You

Feb 5, 2023 | Residential Plumbing, Sewers & Drains

Maintaining your sewer pipes can benefit you

Ensuring that your sewer system is properly taken care of will help you prevent a variety of issues in your home. However, it’s common for homeowners not to understand the importance of properly maintaining their entire plumbing system (including the sewers). This is especially true for first-time homeowners, which is why they can get the most benefit from learning about how their plumbing works and stocking up on maintenance tips. In addition to helping you get a clearer idea of all the ways regular sewer maintenance can benefit you, this article will give you a greater understanding of the dangers of neglecting it.

Blockage and clog prevention

The first reason why regular sewer maintenance is important that comes to mind is the fact that it helps prevent sewer blockage and clogs. If you let too much debris, oil, and detritus build up in your sewer pipes over time, you’ll quickly be faced with a clog. Once a pipe is blocked on your property, even simple everyday activities like washing dishes will become a nightmare.

Using a chemical drain cleaner might help if the clog hasn’t built up too much. However, using these should be avoided as much as possible. If you use chemical cleaners too often, they can damage your pipes, which only leaves you with an even bigger problem. Additionally, if a clog becomes very serious or damages your pipes, it’ll require professional repair. This can be quite expensive and a huge inconvenience.

Inspecting is protecting

It’s common knowledge that arranging a thorough plumbing inspection is one of the first tasks you should focus on when you move into a new home. This is mainly because you don’t fully know what state the previous owners left your pipes in. Just like you would do an inspection when you move in, a professional maintenance job will include a thorough inspection of your sewer pipes. This helps ensure that everything is well-kept and contributes to preventing any issues from coming up in the future.

Saving money

As we’ve already mentioned, failing to properly care for your sewer system can result in serious damage that can be very costly to repair. This means that, other than taking care of your home, regular sewer maintenance can also take care of your bank account.

The cost of frequent sewer maintenance and professional checkups is nothing compared to the cost of repairing a burst sewer pipe once a year. Although it may seem like an extra expense in the short term, it can save you a lot of money down the road. Additionally, you can mix regular maintenance with certain preventative measures (ex. being more mindful of what goes down your drain) to help you avoid wasting money on repairs even better.

Regular sewer maintenance can benefit you by helping you save money on constant repairs

It can help eliminate odors

A clog in your sewer system can upset your entire home’s plumbing. If left untreated, eventually, it can create an unpleasant odor that spreads through your entire home. The odor usually comes from the water sitting in the pipe in front of the clog, although it may also come from the matter that comprises the clog. Either way, it can turn your wonderful home into an uncomfortable living environment. So, another way that regular sewer maintenance can benefit you is by preventing those smells from ever appearing and relieving you of all that potential frustration.

Eliminate pipe noise

Another way that a poorly maintained sewer system can also create issues with your home’s entire plumbing system is by creating pipe noise. Issues with the water flow in your system can result in cracking and squeaking noises that can be heard from the walls. The worst part of this is that it’ll usually be difficult to locate the exact source of the issue. Especially since most people will first suspect the plumbing inside the home instead of the sewer system. This means that you’ll only be treating a symptom of the issue instead of the source of the problem. So, the noises are likely going to come back soon after.

Unkempt sewer pipes can start creating cracking noises, which can be heard throughout your entire plumbing system.

Proper sewer maintenance helps remove any disruptions. This prevents this entire issue. Less pressure in the pipes means no frustrating noise throughout the day and night.

Regular maintenance helps you prevent sewer backups

Sewer back-ups can put your entire home at risk of serious damage. This is perhaps the biggest issue that neglecting to conduct regular sewer maintenance can cause. There are three main issues this can create:

  1. Flooding – If a sewer backup gets out of hand, it can flood part of your home with water. This means that you would have to get all the water out and then wait for days for your home to dry before starting any repairs;
  2. Water damage – A sewer backup can create thousands of dollars worth of sewer damage. It can damage your floors, furniture, walls, and, worst of all, electrical systems;
  3. Unsanitary living conditions – Water that comes up with a sewer backup isn’t exactly clean. It can create a health hazard for you and your family.

Along with other methods, regular sewer maintenance should help you reduce the threat of water damage in your home. Especially focus on the main sewer line since blockage there is the most common cause of serious back-ups.

You can extend your sewer’s lifespan

Another great way that regular sewer maintenance can benefit you is by extending the lifespan of your sewers. We’ve already discussed how maintenance can reduce the potential for blockages, damage, and unnecessary repairs. All of this contributes to your sewer system being able to last longer before needing to be renewed. Reducing stress on your pipes also helps extend the lifespan of your entire plumbing system. Having your sewers routinely inspected, cleaned, and maintained can give you years of additional use.

Stay in compliance with HOA codes

Most homeowner’s associations have certain rules and codes set in place regarding maintaining your property. Staying on top of these requirements can save you a lot of financial and legal trouble. If your HOA requires regular sewer and plumbing maintenance, complying with these rules is of great importance. If you fail to do so, you could be fined. And, if any issues come up that end up damaging or causing issues in any other way to a neighbor’s property, you may even end up in some legal trouble. All that is to say that it’s much less stressful and financially demanding to simply keep your sewer system well maintained.

If an HOA governs your neighborhood, some regulations about regular sewer maintenance obligations might be set.

Sewer maintenance also helps reduce biohazard risks

Finally, we must mention the health benefits of frequent sewer maintenance. If your sewer gets clogged or there’s too much buildup, standing water can start accumulating inside the pipes. These puddles of water create the perfect environment for mold, mildew, and bacterial growth. If the buildup of these pathogens gets out of hand, it can create a serious health hazard for everyone in your home. Of course, with quick action, you can easily resolve this issue. However, a much better option is proper prevention through regular maintenance.

To sum it all up

Regular sewer maintenance can benefit you by extending your system’s lifespan, saving you money on costly repairs and potential fines, preventing damage to your home, and saving you and your family from health risks and unnecessary frustration. The sewer system of a home is much more sensitive than people think. Clogs can create serious problems, and repairs can be costly. But, as long as you remember to be on the lookout for any common signs of sewer pipe issues and do your best to prevent them, you can avoid being faced with any of these troubles.

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