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3 Signs You Have Tree Roots in Your Sewer Line

Mar 6, 2023 | San Francisco Plumbing

Do You Have Tree Roots in Your Sewer Line?

Having a yard or garden with trees has so many upsides. The landscape of your garden is much more complete when it has them, and during hot days you can rest in their shade. Trees also produce oxygen for us to breathe, so having one just in front of your home is a good idea. Trees also reduce the amount of stormwater runoff, which prevents erosion. And if you are a bird lover, having a tree will provide these creatures with a home so you can have them as your neighbors.

However, you should also be aware that trees can damage your property, and your sewer line is one area where trees can wreak havoc. That is because trees can have roots three times their size in height below them, and they tend to spread where they can harvest the most substances for the tree’s growth. That makes your sewer line a prime target for them. That can lead to blockage, damage, and expensive repairs you want to avoid. Unfortunately, however, many realize they have this problem once it’s too late. And that’s why we at O’Grady Plumbing would like to share three signs you have tree roots in your sewer line.

1.    Slow draining could be a sign that you have tree roots in your sewer line

Have you noticed that water in your toilet, sink, or bathtub drains slower than it should? That is usually the sign that you have a problem with your sewer line, where all the water from your home drains. Although there are a few reasons why this may be, tree roots penetrating pipes and blocking water from draining as they should is the most common one. The fact that the drainage in your home is noticeably slower means that the tree roots are already present in your sewer line in the amount that is enough to disrupt the usual flow of water from your home. Unfortunately, the situation can worsen if the tree roots expand into pipes, caching materials that flow away with water into sewage from your house and block the entire line.

Tree roots in your sewer line can cause major problems.

If left unchecked, tree roots can stop all the drainage from your home and severely damage its plumbing system. You would want to avoid this scenario and prevent the problem early, and that’s why you shouldn’t ignore slow drainage, as it is a telltale sign you have tree roots in your sewer line. Also, be aware that older homes surrounded by trees are exceptionally prone to this problem. That’s why the Family Affair Moving Southern California experts advise you to be careful when moving into older homes. If you have purchased one, ensure it has good drainage when moving into it.

1.    Foul odor gives away problems with your sewage.

Another sign you have tree roots in your sewer line is the foul smell. A sewer line is responsible for sending all the waste from your home away, and there is no need to tell you that disruption in this system is a significant problem. If you notice that your house smells of rotten eggs or other sulfur-like smells, the chances are that’s what is happening. Foul odor in your home can indicate a sewer leak or collapse, waste isn’t appropriately filtered from your house, and you are left with a bad smell. However, this smell doesn’t have to be strong or even in your home. If you notice even the faint sewer smell in your front yard, the chances are your sewer line is disrupted.

The sewer line is crucial for your home, so fix any problems with it as soon as possible

Again, there are a few reasons why this may be, but having tree roots in your sewer line is a prime suspect. As we told you before, this is especially true if you are inhibiting an older house with trees in your garden. In addition, a foul odor is an issue you want to fix as soon as possible for obvious reasons, so knowing the root of the problem is essential.

1.    Sinkholes indicate that tree roots have reached the sewer line

Sinkholes are the most severe issue that can arise from the blockage of your sewer line by tree roots. Sinkholes are caused when the tree roots have damaged the pipes severely, and the ground starts collapsing into gaps, leaving tiny holes in your lawn. Unfortunately, this is a sign that tree roots have completely devastated your piping system, and you will need to fix that as soon as possible. That is, however, not even the worst thing that can happen. If tree roots have infiltrated your sewer line to the point of it creating sinkholes, your house’s foundation might be at risk. Be careful when walking around your yard, and notify all your guests of the problem. That’s why sinkholes are one of the worst signs you have tree roots in your sewer line. It requires immediate attention, and contacting professionals is a must.

Replacing a sewer line is a job for professionals

Final words

With this, we conclude our signs you have tree roots in your house. Although tree roots in sewer lines can lead to severe problems if left unchecked, it’s nothing you cannot deal with. While many repairs around the house can be done with your effort, it’s best to leave it to professionals in this situation. Contact your plumbers and discuss the best move when dealing with sewer line problems. A video camera pipe inspection could be done first, and after finding the problem, you should look into solutions.

Again, this is not something you can do alone; some situations require complete sewer line replacement. Remember that many people have been dealing with these issues, and professionals will know how to help you. Having tree roots in your sewer line can lead to expensive damages; however, with the three signs we shared in this article, you can start dealing with it on time.

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