Trenchless Sewer Replacement

Avoid a potentially long deep trench with the use of pipe bursting technology.


The way it works is:

  • A hole is dug out on either end of the sewer, and the pulling machine/frame is mounted inside one hole while a pipe goes through the other hole, all the way to the pulling hole.
  • A torpedo shaped metal bursting head is attached to a 3/4″ steel cable, and pulled hydraulically through the existing sewer pipe, bursting it outwards.
  • The existing line works as a conduit to pull the new pipe through.
  • The bursting head splits the old pipe and pushes it out of the way as the new pipe is pulled through.

It is possible to up-size more than one pipe size. Our Anaconda trenchless system will pull with 35 tons of force, making it the strongest of the sewer lateral pipe bursting machines on the market. HDPE (high-density polyethylene) pipe is very strong, and will not damage easily with this process.

HDPE is a much heavier plastic than ABS or PVC, and is fused together resulting in a no-joint line from end to end. It’s superior to cast iron, in that there are no joints where roots can penetrate the pipe.HDPE pipe has a 1,200 year life on it, versus cast iron, with a 150 year life.

A driveway we saved doing trenchless. 

 Trenchless sewer replacement is a specialized technology:

  • All underground utilities in the area need to be identified with USA markings.
  • Any existing gas, electric, water, or communications lines that the trenchless pipe bursting equipment may pass by, need to be assessed and ruled out as a damage risk, or pot-holed, so the bursting head may pass by the existing utility line without damage to it.
  • Underground structures such as foundations need to be identified.
  • All tie-ins, and turns in the sewer pipe being bursted, must be identified, and in most cases dug up.
  • Also a competent person needs to make perfect plastic welds.

If any of these steps is not closely adhered to, getting the pull done can be a much bigger job. Every city has their own individual specifications as to how they want drain pipes to be installed.

Here at O’Grady Plumbing, we have a full sewer service and replacement department offering a high level of service in drain cleaning and sewer replacement for long-term efficient solutions. We hold an “A” license and Cal-Osha certifications for deep excavations, and street repairs. Our sewer service and repair department provides honest efficient solutions with the use of in-line cameras, state of the art drain service equipment, and competent service people to get the job done right every time.