O’Grady Plumbing has a sewer service and replacement department, offering the highest level of service in drain cleaning and sewer replacement for long term efficient solutions to sewer and drain problems.

What sets O’Grady Plumbing apart from the other “rooter” companies?

For starters, a long-term reputation for providing an honest opinion and “spot on” assessments of difficult drainage issues. Most real estate brokers and insurance companies call us first because they know they can rely on O’Grady Plumbing’s extensive sewer and drain service knowledge. We provide in line pipe scouring to remove scaling, grease, and roots that cause some of the worst backups.

Size DOES matter. We use a Harben 4000 psi 20 gpm trailer type hydro-jetter with a 300-gallon storage tank, and 500 feet of hose to annihilate any sewer issue. We also use the Warthog rotating scour nozzle to ensure no portion of the pipe has not been serviced. We boast 5 Ridgid See Snake color camera systems complete with in-line digital foot counter and line location equipment for all different size pipes.

Full Sewer Repair Services

Full Sewer Repair Services

Trenches are unnecessary in the replacement of many sewer pipes. We dig a hole on either end, and pipe burst a new HDPE (high-density polyethylene) line to replace the sewer. Our Anaconda trench-less system has a pull force of 38 tons before “break point”, which is double of any other system in the Bay Area currently being used.

O’Grady Plumbing holds an “A” license and Cal-Osha certifications for deep excavations and roadway sewer repairs. Our sewer service and repair department provides honest efficient services. Our use of in-line cameras, state of the art drain service equipment, along with competent service, gets you the best solution every time.