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Here at O’Grady Plumbing, we’re proud to have residential and commercial customers from all over San Francisco and San Mateo Counties. Like you, many made initial contact with us through our website, and almost all have gone on to become repeat customers. The best compliment a plumbing company like ours can receive is the positive feedback we’re known to receive from our customers. The following is just a small sample of some of the success stories from customers:

Yesterday I had a plumbing emergency. I called O’Grady plumbing and within an hour Declan Griffin came out and fixed the problem. While we were talking in my kitchen he noticed that I had very poor water pressure in the kitchen faucet. I told him that it has been this way for ten years and that I had hired two different plumbers to come out and see if they could correct the problem, which they could not. Declan said that he was certain he could fix it. I hired him to do the job and within an hour I had strong water pressure. I asked him if I had to pay him if he was unable to correct the problem and he said I would pay him when he had succeeded in returning my pressure to normal. I am totally thrilled now to finally have normal water pressure in my kitchen. It was worth every penny I spent on the job.

Very professional service. Gave me options on fixing my leak and exact pricing along with how long it would take before beginning the work. Educated me about the type of piping we have under our sink and the potential issues with it etc. Did a great job!
Incredibly polite, well mannered staff. I will use them again.

The hubby and I were about to pop into the shower to get gussied up for a party Saturday nite and there was no hot water. A trek to the basement to see if the pilot light was out on the heater revealed a pond of water surrounding our sad rusted thoroughly expired hot water heater.

I called the plumber our landlord likes to use; nice enough fellas but they don’t work weekends. I scheduled him to come out on Monday morning. But in the meantime we had what seemed like an impossibly long weekend of cold showers to look forward to. I then began my search to find a plumber who could help us sooner.

Have you ever tried to find a plumber on a Saturday nite?

I called O’Grady’s # and reached Paul, a complete darling, who has the work phone forwarded to his cell phone after work hours. I asked if someone could come around tomorrow (Sunday) to fix our situation. He said he’d send someone in the morning.

Sunday, Jose, came right on time. He slipped some of those blue paper booties they wear in the hospitals over his boots and came inside. I love a repair guy that looks out for my floors.

He looked at the hot water heater and confirmed that it had expired. He called the shop because they had one tank on hand but it was the wrong size and then told me he couldn’t get a new tank from any supplier on a Sunday, but could return Monday morning with a new one to replace it. D’oh! Back where I started.

I said that I would have to go with my landlord’s plumber if that were the case. He was so nice about it. And when I asked him how much the trip out on a Sunday morning would cost – he just waved his hand and said no charge.

What a peach.

  • 5 stars for being able to reach them on the phone Saturday evening.
  • 5 stars for making a house call on a Sunday morning.
  • 5 stars for for the paper booties.
  • 5 stars for not charging me for the appt. when I didn’t give them the job.

I know that technically I have no idea what kind of work they do – but every aspect of my contact with them makes me think they’re stars.

Steve of O’Grady Plumbing came out at 10 AM on the morning we called, about an hour after we called. He was pleasant throughout, and quite knowledgeable. He did a very great deal of work, spending just over an hour to unclog a long drainage pipe that was packed with roots and causing sewage to back up in our basement. I thought the charge was reasonable ($292), and Steve helped me solve an unrelated plumbing problem along the way, and gave me advice on how to prevent future drain clogs. Steve is the only O’Grady plumber I’ve ever dealt with, but I’d certainly recommend O’Grady based on my experience with him.

I absolutely LOVE working with O’Grady Plumbing. I am a local real estate broker in the Bayview and O’Grady is always so quick, thorough and professional every time I have called them.  From the technicians on location to the owners of the company, the level of customer service is always top notch, especially Tong! Love them!

Sammy H Yelp

Sammy H.

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We met with a friendly plumber name Tung to have our water heater replaced. He was not only efficient and courteous but very helpful. He got the job done in a couple hours for a fair price $1375. The best part was that we weren’t pressured to sign up for a service plan. We will be definitely keeping in contact for all our plumbing needs. Thank you Tung.

I had a vexing problem in my condo that I mistakenly thought was a plumbing leak. The plumber who came to inspect my situation was very methodical and professional. He was able to rule out a leak and instead identified the actual problem. Very well worth the minimum service fee of $125 for the piece of mind it gave me and the clear plan of action to deal with my situation.

I must admit O’Grady is not my regular plumber. My client wanted to use her plumber instead of my usual guy. Usually this is a disaster for contractors. But I was pleasantly surprised. Paul O’Grady is fluent in today’s code, professional and comes through with the inspections when the job schedule is on the line! The plumbing technician on my job is great, doing excellent work, and I am happy to have him on the job. A good plumber is hard to find, you will be thankful you found O’Grady!


I want to thank you for installing the laundry sink in my home.
Derek and his partner were perfect gentlemen, courteous, efficient and fast, despite the hard work involved. Your charges were very reasonable. I am looking forward to use your services in the future.

Thanks again.


Sink Installation - Before After

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Victor R. Villalta

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Fast response time coupled with no messing around and a fast implementation of the new lavatory system led to be impressed with Rodney Williams of O’Grady Plumbing.

I have used their services for different plumbing problems living in a old house. O’Grady has been very responsive. Thank you to new friends from the O’Grady, James and Declan.