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Our fully equipped Sprinter service trucks offer enough versatility to handle any kind of plumbing or drain service on-site without unnecessarily running all over town for parts and equipment.

Grease Maintenance

Grease maintenance is our specialty. Every restaurant owners worst fear is a late night mainline backup that is expensive and difficult to resolve. When these circumstances exist there is a typical 90-day maintenance offered by service companies generically. In most cases the grease has not been adequately addressed with poor preventative maintenance service, in effect the sewer line is kept on life support.

Providing poor preventative maintenance of grease is the # 1 reason for ongoing back-ups. O’Grady Plumbing runs a camera and records the line from the point of entry to the main City sewer in the middle of the street until all of the grease is out. We use a Rotating Warthog scouring head and Harben 4000 psi 20 gpm trailer hydro-jetter with a 300-gallon storage tank and 500 feet of hose to annihilate grease.

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From Preventative Maintenance to Emergency After-hours Services

As the owner/ manager and bill payer, you know you get what you paid for with O’Grady Plumbing. In most cases we reduce the intervals in preventative maintenance service for grease by being thorough in turn saving you money. When you hire O’Grady Plumbing – from preventative maintenance to emergency after-hours services – you know you have peace of mind and a company that has your back.

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